Service Level Agreement - Finnworlds

The Service Level Agreement (SLA) covers a guarantee by Finnworlds to its paid Premium clients of a certain standard of service applying to our static data.

Server uptime:99.5%
Average speed of transfer:< 1 second
Support quality metrics:mail answer < 24 hour

1) Server uptime

Our SLA guarantees you an average monthly server uptime of 99.5% of our static data (our current average is 99.98%)

2) Average speed of data transfer

Our SLA guarantees an average speed of data transfer of less than 1 second for static data. The average speed may differ for the dynamic data based on the size of the request and the number of strings included in a single request.

3) Support metrics

Our SLA guarantees a maximum of 24 hours response time for support tickets via email after receiving the email. The guarantee only applies to legitimate emails and bypasses support tickets that are sent in duplicates or in large numbers.


Breach of the SLA

In the event that you feel our SLA has been breached, you must contact the support department directly at The following information is required when communicating about a breach in SLA: (i) your contact information, (ii) details of the breach of SLA, (iii) proof or supporting documents of the breach of SLA.

The liability of Finnworlds means that we will give data credit for each paid month in which the SLA was not met. The credit will be added to your account within a 30 day period after we have established the validity of the breach.


After the above information is provided to us, we will conclude the investigation within 30 days. We may request further information from you during the investigation. Please provide these at your earliest convenience. Otherwise, we may not be able to comply with the 30-day period.

In case we conclude that there has been indeed a breach in the SLA, we will credit you additional API calls at the amount of the lost API calls due to such breach.

Limitation of liability

The total liability of Finnworlds, its partners, employees, directors, affiliates, consultants, distributors and suppliers under any compensation claims including but not limited to warranties shall be limited to the amount paid for an API subscription during the months giving rise to the breach. Finnworlds, its partners, employees, directors, affiliates, consultants, distributors and suppliers shall not be liable for any indirect loss or damages under any name as a result of the breach of this SLA.