Historical Dividends API

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Historical Dividends API

There has been a steady increase in the interest in historical dividend-paying stocks over the last ten years. Amateur and professional investors regularly research the prices of shares of the public companies of their choice as well as the historical dividends these companies issue. Finnworlds offers them and other users of historical dividends data the Historical Dividends API that gives clear and detailed account of public companies and their respective dividend-paying stocks. The Historical Dividends API is a data delivery format that allows rapid access to big amounts of dividend data that includes dividend rates and dividend dates.

The historical dividends database is related to Finnworlds Financial Statements Reports API. Dividends are issued once the corporate executive board examines the company’s annual financial statements and announces that the company is profitable enough to pay dividends to its shareholders. The Historical Dividends API works wells with the Financial Statements Report API as the data is constantly tracked and updated in both the historical dividend database and the financial statements report database. Be aware that companies issue dividend payments at different times during the fiscal year. The payment of dividends usually occurs quarterly, semi-annually, or annually.

Historical Dividends Data Usage

The historical dividends data includes historical dividends payments and their dividend dates, also known as record dates, for each public company stored in Finnworlds financial databases. Keep in mind that the record dates refer to the dates on which the corporate executives check if the shareholders who are meant to get a dividend payment are written in the company’s books. The historical dividends data is frequently used as an input for some financial data applications and platforms. Most of the users who happened to be amateur or professional investors use the data on historical dividends for research and analysis of companies and their dividend-paying stocks. Others like fintech start-ups combine the Historical Dividends API with the Financial Statements Report API to build financial products.



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Formats to Download the Data

The historical dividends data is accessible in three main formats. In this way, Finnworlds fully addresses your needs for data delivery formats. Request your data format and get historical dividends data instantly. No matter the format of your choice, you obtain historical dividends data without any differences in the data transfer time. Please, contact support@finnworlds.com for notifying which data format you prefer. You can always change the data delivery format.

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Excel and CSV
If you choose this data format, you will access historical dividends data through database downloads formatted as either Excel or CSV files.
E-mail link
If you choose this data format, you will receive an email containing a link through which you can download historical dividends data .
Pdf Report
If you choose this data format, you will get historical dividends data in a downloadable PDF report.

Developer Notes

A big advantage of using the Historical Dividends API is the retrieval of filtered and bulk data from Finnworlds database. Thus, you are able to get historical dividends data of one particular company or multiple companies of your choice filtered on their stock ticker symbols. Mix and match the filters so that you get the right amount of historical dividends data.

SDKs and Devkits

Javascript, JQuery, VueJS, Angular, JAVA, PHP, NodeJS, Python, Go, Ruby, C#, R, Strest, Rust, Swift and Scala


Filter the data using any of filtering parameters. Data output can be requested in REST JSON format or XML format

Excel and CSV

In case you do not want the data through our API, request it in Excel or CSV format.

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