Company Financial Reports APIs

Finnworlds Company Financial Reports API provides company financial reports data as reported to the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (“SEC”) by companies, including income statement, balance sheet and cash flow statement, which are the three most important statements revealing a company’s financial performance.The data is available historically allowing you to access financial reports of past years and current years. The Company Financial Reports API offers a complete record of company reports output as text or direct links to the relevant company financial report where you can easily download them. It is a matter of choice to pick the method that is more convenient for you  and receive company financial reports by their dates, titles, and other filtering parameters. In case you would prefer to focus on a specific segment of the report and avoid receiving the complete report, easily filter the segment you are looking for and receive just this part in the API response, in the format of your choice.Due to the large amount of details included in the three types of company financial statements, the company financial reports database is  divided into three separate APIs for your use case convenience.

Financial report data is offered in JSON format through these APIs that grant access to the Company Financial Reports Database maintained by Finnworlds. This division allows getting a straight-to-the point API response based on the type of statement you request.You should simply use the relevant API to get information on the statement of your choice or pull data through all three and combine the responses for a complete financial output. Obtain data through Finnworlds API once you have selected the filtering parameters like company name, stock ticker symbol, sector, year and more. 


Company Financial Reports API

The Company Financial Reports API grants access to complete financial report database – no matter the type of the financial report. It is also possible to focus on these three main financial report types by their individual APIs below:

Income Statement API

Income statements are detailed reports that show how much profit or loss the company has generated over a particular year. The income statement, also known as profit or loss account, reports the company expenses that arise from the business operations. 

Balance Sheet API

Balance sheets are financial statements that reveal data about the company’s assets, shareholders’ equity and liabilities for a certain period of time that is either annual or quarter. This data allows you to calculate the rates of return and evaluate the capital structure of the company, which gives you useful insights for your personal or business needs.

Cash Flow API

Cash flow statements are financial reports that summarize the inflows and outflows of cash and cash equivalents for a business over a period. 

Income Statement API

The income statement data includes the following items: 

  • Revenue
  • Cost Of Goods Sold
  • Gross Profit
  • Research And Development Expenses
  • SG&A Expenses
  • Other Operating Income or Expenses
  • Operating Expenses
  • Operating Income
  • Total Non-Operating Income/Expense
  • Pre-Tax Income
  • Income Taxes
  • Income After Taxes
  • Other Income
  • Income From Continuous Operations
  • Income From Discontinued Operations
  • Net Income
  • EBIT
  • Basic Shares Outstanding
  • Shares Outstanding
  • Basic EPS
  • EPS – Earnings Per Share

For more information like the explanations of the data types, endpoints, filters and developer tips, visit the main API page.

Income Statements API →

Balance Sheet API

The balance sheet data includes the following items, which are formatted as a standard API response output.

  • Cash On Hand
  • Receivables
  • Inventory
  • Pre-Paid Expenses
  • Other Current Assets
  • Total Current Assets
  • Property, Plant, And Equipment
  • Long-Term Investments
  • Goodwill And Tangible Assets
  • Other Long-Term Assets
  • Total Long-Term Assets
  • Total Assets
  • Total Current Liabilities
  • Long Term
  • Debt
  • Other Non-Current Liabilities
  • Total Long Term Liabilities
  • Total Liabilities
  • Common Stock Net
  • Retained Earnings (accumulated Deficit)
  • Comprehensive Income
  • Other Share Holders Equity
  • Share Holder Equity
  • Total Liabilities and Share Holder Equity

To view more detailed information on this API and see what each of these data types mean, visit the APIs main page.

Balance Sheet API →

Cash Flow API

Through the Cash Flow API, you  can  get the figures for each separate financial item within the cash flow statement. Finnworlds has structured the Cash Flow Statement database as an item-by-item database that allows data retrieval based on customer data choices for companies. The Cash Flow Statement database includes the following financial items:

  • Net Income/Loss
  • Total Depreciation And Amortization – Cash Flow
  • Other Non-Cash Items
  • Total Non-Cash Items
  • Change In Accounts Receivable
  • Change in Inventories
  • Change In Accounts Payable
  • Change In Assets/Liabilities
  • Total Change In Assets/Liabilities
  • Cash Flow From Operating Activities
  • Net Change In Property, Plant, And Equipment
  • Net Change In Intangible Assets
  • Net Acquisitions/Divestitures
  • Net Change In Short-Term Investments
  • Net Change In Long-Term Investments
  • Net Change In Investments – Total
  • Investing Activities – Other
  • Cash Flow From Investing Activities
  • Net Long-Term Debt
  • Net Current Debt
  • Debt Issuance/Retirement Net – Total
  • Net Common Equity Issued/Repurchased
  • Net Total Equity Issued/Repurchased
  • Total Common And Preferred Stock Dividends Paid
  • Financial Activities – Other
  • Cash Flow From Financial Activities
  • Net Cash Flow
  • Stock-Based Compensation
  • Common Stock Dividends Paid

Descriptions of each of these items and further technical information about the API can be found in the main Cash Flow API page.

Cash Flow API →

Download data on Financial Reports

The financial report data is accessible in three main formats. In this way, Finnworlds fully addresses your needs for data delivery formats. Request your data format and get financial report data instantly. No matter the format of your choice, you obtain financial report data without any differences in the data transfer time. Please, contact for notifying which data format you prefer. You can always change the data delivery format.

Contact us to request this feature →

Excel and CSV

If you choose this data format, you will access financial report data through database downloads formatted as either Excel or CSV files.

E-mail link

If you choose this data format, you will receive an email containing a link through which you can download financial report data.

PDF report

If you choose this data format, you will get financial report data in a downloadable PDF report.

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