Development timeline

Finance APIs

Stock Holding APIs

ETF holdings API and Mutual Fund holdings API. On top of this we also attempt to maintain a database that displays all stakeholders and their respective holdings of a security

2021 - November

Company details

By now we will have developed a description of every company with all the details such as contact information, leadership and much more. We will also maintain a database of all identifiers of a stock such as ISIN, CIK, CUSIP and of course ticker symbol. Now all data can be easily connected using these company and stock details.

2022 - January

Analyst Ratings

Historical and current ratings of analysts and how their opinion has changed over time, as well as their success rate will all be accessible once we have completed this API.

2022 - February

Retail Popular Choices

What are retail investors interested in on platforms such as Robbinhood, Revolut, eToro.

2022 - May

Macro Trends & Policies

The macro trend database will constantly be further developed to include more data. Any macro economic factor that we can find data about, we will include with as much historical data as possible. 

Apart from this we will categorise government policies and which industries they effect. If possible we will also identify which specific companies it could affect. 

2022 - August

Patents and Court cases

Immediately get updates on patent filings and approvals of companies you wish to track, as well as information about ongoing court cases and their updates. 

As soon as the data is public, we will have it in our databases, ready to be used by you. 

2022 - November

Main finance APIs

  • SEC filings API
  • Income Statements API
  • Balance Sheet API
  • Cash Flow API
Finance APIs 66%

2021 - October

Ratios and Technicals

Financial ratios API and technical ratios API based on the industry standard formulas. For this we will also develop a candle stick database which might be released as a stand-alone API. 

Christmas discount upon release!
2021 - December

Market Sentiment

We will aggregate the market sentiment of social media, search engines and news. This will be based on sentiment words and stock mentions. This allows users to draw conclusions from social media and news about a stock price but also the company itself. 

  • Twitter
  • Reddit
  • Youtube
  • Search engines
  • News
2022 - April

Satisfaction Data

Gather information about the satisfaction of customers of a company as well as employees of the company. On top of that, we will have data about favorite future employers for soon to graduate students. 

  • Customer satisfaction
  • Employee satisfaction
  • Student top rated future employers
2022 - May

Website and App tracker

  1. Changes made on a website and application will be reported daily. This way you will immediately be aware of any changes.
  2. We will also be able to track app usage, downloads, reviews and the change over time.
  3. Regarding websites we will have data such as visits, searches, inbound links and more.
2022 - September

Please contact us with the financial data features you want to see on our platform, and we will prioritise it.